NABL Certified testing laboratory. Testing of Fibre, Yarn, Fabric, Garment, Functional textile, geotextile, non woven, performance textile, automotive textile, medical textile, industrial textile, clothtech, packtech, composites, heat and flame testing, chemical analysis of fibre, fabric, chemicals, auxillaries and dyes, solid fuel testing, drinking water analysis, trace analysis of heavy metals, banned amines, formaldehydes etc.

Chemical Analysis

ATIRA Chemical Textile Testing Laboratory is NABL accredited laboratory having facility for testing of fibre, yarn, fabric, chemical auxiliaries and solid fuel.

  • pH (of aqueous extract Fab.)
  • % Blend
  • Honey dew in raw cotton
  • Scouring loss
  • Wax/Oil content
  • Fiber Identification
  • Water soluble matter
  • Total size content
  • Barium activity number
  • Identification of class of dyes
  • Solid Content
  • Ash content
  • Calibration of Viscosity cup
  • Loss on ignition
  • Proximate analysis
  • Gross calorific value
  • Sulphur content (by bomb calorimeter)
  • Ash/combustibles
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