Sustainability Compendium V
An F2F Initiative

Pee-Empro Exports Pvt Ltd

Founded in 1981, Pee-Empro Exports Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of woven apparel. The company is a vertically integrated group (fabric, printing mill, embroidery plant and garmenting) based out of Delhi NCR, India. It has been in the textiles business for four decades and has an annual turnover of $70 million.

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From the Founder-Chairman’s Desk


Tony Uppal

Founder and Chairman

Our growth is not only restricted to our companies and industry being a part of OGTC we also encourage our fellow exporters towards contributing to our environment for our future generations.

As a part of sustainability initiative, we use and encourage our brands and OGTC members to use re-cycled Polyester, sustainable Rayon and BCI cotton.




Pee-Empro’s customer base comprises Gap, Old Navy (for over 20 years), Anthropologie, Free- People, Ann Taylor, Loft, American Eagle, Esprit, Cecile, C&A and many more. The Group caters to a mix of markets—EU and US, with about 70 per cent presence in the US and 30 per cent in the EU. The product mix is about 70–75 per cent for adults and 25-30 per cent for kids, including babies. The product categories covered are dresses, tops, skirts and shorts.

The Pee-Empro Group comprises Pee-Empro Exports, Hemla Embroideries and a creative dyeing and printing mill. Pee-Empro Exports is a garmenting unit with four manufacturing facilities, has a strength of 350 management staff and 5,000 strong workforce, and has a monthly capacity of 700,000 units. Hemla Embroideries is a Schiffli embroidery plant with a monthly capacity of 300,000 yards. The creative dyeing and printing processing mill has a monthly capacity of 2 million yards.

Pee-Empro Exports has a large merchandising department well equipped to service its customers in sourcing the textiles market and assisting with ideas and sampling. The company manufactures a wide range of fabrics of every weight and weave available. Embellishments such as washes, embroideries, appliques and beadwork are also done. The manufacturing space is spread over 3 lakh sq ft with the latest machinery, producing up to 30,000 pieces a day. The quality control department ensures the products are fully compliant with the client’s requirements.




Sustainability Initiatives

The Group has been pro-active in its sustainability drive.

  • Use of organic cotton approved by GOTS, OCS and RCS.
  • Certification on ZDHC, organic cotton, and recycled polyester.

Energy Saving Initiatives

  • Installation of Servo Motors results in energy savings by 70–80 per cent and reduces the carbon footprint;
  • Replacing conventional machineries with latest energy efficient machineries;
  • Use of daylight in place of artificial lights wherever possible;
  • Air cooling system for good working environment;
  • Adopting green building concepts while constructing new buildings;
  • Replacing normal tubelights with LED lights: saving electricity by 49,870 units per year, reduced electricity consumption by about 64.44 per cent and heat radiation by 70 per cent;
  • Replaced diesel generators with electronic quantum series technology, whereby output of exhaust gases have been reduced to 50 per cent;
  • Reduction in the liquor ratio (garment-to-water ratio) by adapting the best available technology, reducing water consumption by 65 per cent;
  • Use of reverse osmosis technology; water is treated in the RO plant to make it fit for drinking purpose in all units;
  • TDS level of RO (reverse osmosis) treated water 100 ppm, the residual generated is used for floor cleaning and in air coolers;
  • Water recovery plant installed to reuse waste steam from boiler to feed it back to boiler;
  • Non-hazardous chemicals used in the factory for washing;
  • All chemicals used are branded and RSL (bought from GOTS certified suppliers) followed.

SAC Higg Index Score - We are associated with the SAC portal, whereby we disclose our unit’s environmental performance annually. We have just disclosed our performance where we got a verified score of 355/500 for environment. We have also connected with brands like Gap, AEO, A&F, Esprit, C&A and Ann Taylor, etc, where they can view our performance.

Use of Renewable Energy
  • Solar panels installed in each factory has helped in saving of electricity by 11 per cent.
  • There is a rainwater harvesting system to harvest rainwater every season
Use of Recycled Polyester
  • Collecting consumer waste and PET bottles;
  • The process reduces landfill and reduces soil contamination;
  • Reduces dependency on petroleum as raw material;
  • Minimises air and water pollution and with less energy consumption versus virgin polyester;
  • Process chain completely certified—from yarn weaving, processing to garment conversion;
  • Garments created from recycled polyester aim to be continuously recycled to minimise wastage. Polyester garment manufacture could potentially become a closed loop system.

Sustainable Rayon - The rayon we use is sourced from responsible supplier that meet global recognized standards under applicable and certified closed loop (entire supply chain from yarn to fabric) manufacturing process. The production of fiber to yarn consumes fewer natural resources like chemicals, water and energy, and materials are recovered and recycled back into the process. The pre- and post – consumer waste are used as a feedstock for producing fibre. This offers the opportunity for full circularity for the cellulose value chain.

Reusing wastewater - By the use of RO, The Group is making use of wastewater, to reduce the stress on freshwater sources. The Group is also lowering the amount of water used and does its part to protect the environment and reduce its ecological footprint. The RO-treated water is used in washrooms across all units. Also, the reject water is used in the central air-cooling system.

Solar Panel
  • The electricity generated from the solar panels is directed towards the main electric panel which is thereafter used on the shopfloors across the units.
  • This reduces consumption of electricity generated from non-renewable resources.


Contact Us

Email : info@peempro.com
Web : www.pempro.com

Our Location

Plot No- 78, Sector 27A, Main Mathura Road,
Faridabad, Haryana 121003
Unit - II: Plot No - 12/2, Main Mathura Road, Near Sarai
Metro Station, Faridabad, Haryana