Global Apparel Market
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The year 2018 has seen world apparel players witnessing store downsizings and lesser retail growth but increase in sales due to digital market presence. This effect has fueled changes in the approach of the market players and this will continue in 2019 too with more emphasis on the growth of e-commerce, mobile shopping and meeting ever-rising expectations of personalization among customers.

At the onset of 2019, in the Global Apparel Market, the manufacturing sector will see more technological upgrades with factors like labor cost, the arrival of new industry players in the market posing more challenges in production and distribution.

Table of Contents
  • 01. Introduction
  • 02. Historical Analysis of last 5 years Apparel Trade
  • 03. Global Apparel Market Size Numbers
  • 04. Sourcing pattern region wise
  • 05. Apparel cost elements in major manufacturing destinations
  • 06. Tariff comparison on various Apparel products
  • 07. Second-hand Apparel
  • 08. Upcoming Fashion trends
  • 09. Top Apparel brands performance in 2018
  • 10. Conclusion
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