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The name denim comes from the name of a sturdy fabric called Serge de Nîmes, initially made in Nîmes, France, hence “de Nîmes - denim”. This book is a compilation of the bygone subtly juxtaposed with the contemporary. A journey through history, memoirs and stories of industry stalwarts - an interplay all shades of the loved fabric - Denim.

Global Circulation

Global Circulation

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Industry Leaders

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Global Audience

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We, at Fibre2Fashion have been vehemently compiling digests & compendiums for textile & apparel industry on various topics concerning the entire value chain. Whether its Non-Woven or Machinery, we make sure that our every book is a par excellence.

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The Sustainability Plus Compendium 2014 has much better appeal in terms of concept, content and design. It judiciously covers a broad spectrum of industries across the...

Featuring in the Sustainability Plus compendium makes very good sense to our company, as I feel we are both amongst peers and potential partners. It's all very nicely done.

"The Lenzing Group is a world market leader in the production of man-made cellulose fibres. As a producer of TENCEL and Lenzing fibers, we are at the beginning of a long value...”

The nonwoven compendium provides a good overview of the Nonwoven Industry.

The nonwoven compendium has a nice format, it exhibits interesting interviews, especially the one with Mr Johan Berlin, as well as has a good blend of different kinds of articles...

We were glad that we got to explore some news about the "NONWOVEN" sector, primarily because it’s a subject of great interest for our company considering our range of products...

We found the nonwoven compendium very interesting.

We are very impressed with the nonwoven compendium, it is very useful.

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