Circular Economy is an idea, and Circular Fashion is an extension of that very concept. Circular Fashion is based on the fundamental principles of circular economy and sustainable development, and concerns the entire lifecycle of a fashion product-from design and sourcing, to production, transportation, storage, marketing and sale, as well as the user phase and the product’s end of life.

Since 2014, when the term 'circular fashion' was first coined and inserted into common parlance, it has gained currency and imparted an entirely new meaning to the concept of 'sustainable fashion' or, to be precise, the way of looking at fashion as a sustainable economic activity.

The linear process of the fashion economy is passe; and as the framework of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation puts it: The circular economy refers to an industrial economy that is restorative by intention; aims to rely on renewable energy; minimise, tracks and eliminates the use of toxic chemicals; and eradicates waste through careful design.

Five years hence, it is not an abstract 'idea' anymore-it is an implementation process that is being increasingly followed by leading brands and retailers. The grappling over the term 'sustainability' has eased: members of the textiles-apparel-fashion industry are coming to terms with the fact that sustainability needs to mean circularity.

“Discard The Make, Use & Dispose Approach”
-Ellen MacArthur Foundation

20% of all freshwater
pollution comes from
the textiles industry


As many as 2,000
carcinogenic chemicals
are produced by a textiles


Air is polluted by
the release of carbon monoxide,
sulphur dioxide and
Nitrous Oxides


Dyes, scrap metal
and wastewater sludge
contaminate the soil if
released untreated


500 gallons of water
are used to produce cloth
for manufacturing
just one sofa

The Idea of Sustainability Circularity

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