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Location : Central India.

All machine are in working condition & well maintained.

Inspection - With prior appointment.


1. 10 Bowl calendar

Quantity – 1.

  • Make – Mather & Platt Manchester (UK),
  • machine width 68”, working width 60”,
  • YOC -1962, along with metal detector & plaiter along with ,
    a) 5 cotton bowl rolls + 2 spares.
    b) 5 SS Chill rolls.


2. Rope opener (Twister), Make E+L Engg., Ahmedabad., YOC -. 2006.

Quantity – 1

Along with following:

  • Turn Table (dia 1500 mm.
  • Rope sqeezing unit with SS spray to accommodate 15-20 mtrs. Cloth.
  • Rope tensioning with worm and worm wheel type adjustment.
  • SDA 0505 rope twister (with turntable control).
  • Structure for mounting of Rope Detwister.
  • Cloth beating arrangement with St. St. beater drivenby 0.5 HP, 3 dia, AC geared motor.
  • LG04/06 full width Scroll roll assembly with tensioning device.
  • VWG1 Adjusting Support (C to C distance up to 2500 mm).
  • KF2020 type pneumatic cloth Guider.
  • Plaiter complete with mounting arrangement for scroll roll, beater and cloth guider.
  • Electrical control panel with operating with AC inverter drive.


3. Continuous Decatizing Machine Model Super Finish GFP 800, Make – M. Tech, Germany,

YOC . 2006. Machine width – 1850 mm, fabric width – 1650 mm along with following attachment & technical features.

  • High fabric inlet including guiding and deflection rollers & swivel tensioned.
  • Operator’s platform.
  • Balancing roller in order to guide fabrics straight into machine.
  • Driven feed roller, automatically controlled via dancer control system.
  • Special rotor humidifying device, system WEKO, particularly adapted to the machine functions, including heating of water and water flow regulation for controlled moisture input fabric.
  • Steam heated effect cylinder 800 mm, incl. temperature control.
  • Drive roller for pressure belt.
  • Stretching roller for the pressure belt.
  • Control roller to guide the pressure belt.
  • Special pressure belt for effect formation.
  • Dancer control for the following driven conveyor belt of the cooling device.
  • Cooling zone to cool the fabric down to room temperature by means of suction nozzle unit.
  • Plaiter at machine outlet for flat folds 900 mm.

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