Once thought to be a dominating trend of the 2010s, athleisure is marking its presence everywhere now. A hybrid of business casual and sportswear, athleisure is more than just a fad. Owing to its durability along with properties, such as wrinkle and odour resistance incorporated into its tech-infused fibres, athleisure is becoming the high fashion choice of many consumers today.

In fact, at present, there’s a whole industry of fashion-meets-function brands, which are offering athleisure clothing across a wide range of styles. They are helping revolutionize the entire approach to fashion.

Focusing on how the market is anticipated to witness momentous shifts in the upcoming years, this exclusive webinar sheds light on how the athleisure industry is gearing up for a humongous boom.

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The webinar will cover a lot of important aspects that you would want to know all about, such as:

  • State of the global athleisure market
  • Financial performance of prominent brands
  • Top suppliers and target audience
  • Popular fabric choices for athleisure
  • Major export-import trends
  • Tariff barriers